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Copying custom Menu items to remote users

We have just added a custom menu item to the Tools menu and want to roll that out to remote users.  However, They don't have permissions in their user setup to add a custom menu item.  How do I roll that out?  I'd like to send them file(s) to copy to their installation folders.  Is it one of the .mdb files in the QW install folder?  Which one(s)?

Many thanks

What's the custom menu item doing? Is it a script?

That should get the menu customisation into their system.


These are the QW folder locations you can push out.
I don't believe it's possible to add your own folders such as Applets.


Thanks Matt,  Yes, it is a script.  Unfortunately, we don't have the ability to sync the remote installations at the moment, so I was hoping to be able to create an installation locally and just supply the relevant files to include in the remote installation folders.

It's not clear to me which file does what, so I'm looking for help in identifying the right ones...



If we're still using MS Access:
UserSettings.mdb is the file that controls what menus users can see, but I really wouldn't want to navigate this via database files. It's just not designed for doing what you'll be attempting. Not saying it's not possible, it just won't be fun.

Thanks again Matt.  Yeah - I took a look at this today and I tend to agree.  Definitely not fun.  I'll have to get a remote session running with those involved and get this set up...

It would be a nice feature to have the ability to send a setup file for a user to just run and have the whole new setup installed for them... 

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