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How to change fonts on Section Headers

How can we change the font type and size of the new section headers? 


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Further to this. Is it possible for Quotewerks to add some more print templates to the download list showing the group headers setup like in the video explaining this feature? This would make it easier to arrange our layouts.


If you edit one of the sample Layouts provided by QuoteWerks when you first install, then you'll see a number of different Detail Sections. Right-click on the Detail Section header bar and select "Filter...". Depending on the Layout you chose there could be any number of Filters specified, but basically this is the technique to changing the font for certain Line Types. Create yourself a Detail Section with Filter "DocumentItems->LineType=256" to Filter just Heading Line Types to be printed and then add the clause "DocumentItems->LineType<>256" to any other Detail Section Filters so that they are not printed.

Hope this helps.

Ref: second follow-up question: not sure which video you are referring to. Can you provide a link and time reference in the video to where this point is explained? Thanks!

Hi, thanks for your reply but this is not referring to Headings. It referring to the new 'Section Headers'

video is here - 


Sorry. My bad. Section Headers are Line Type 32.

Watched the video and still not sure what you mean by "add some more print templates to the download list showing the group headers". Can you clarify?

In the video there is a print template that he is using that shows the section headers as blue boxes on the PDF. Is it possible to get this template. It’s exactly what I need for our layouts. Cheers

You'd have to ask Matt Rose at Prestige Quoting for that... he authored the Layout and the video. Contact details here -

Hi Ben - 

The layout in the video is actually our Galaxy layout that is included if you check the box "install samples" when updating.  I've attached it here for you, it includes the cover page as well as quote details page.  Then the second summary page is quote_summary_galaxy.FPC; this page utilizes Style codes as well as the section headers.  I have attached it as well.  Close QuoteWerks, drop the files into your QuoteWerks\Layouts folder, and then when you re-open QuoteWerks, you should see them in your Deliver window.

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