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Print duplicate when line item quantity is >1

Good afternoon, 

I'm trying to create a print layout for pick tickets that will print multiple, duplicate, labels for line items with quantities greater than 1.  I've had great success with getting one to print for each line item, but can't get multiples to print.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?  I attempted a bunch of variations of the formula below in the formula editor but kept getting Field Type Mismatch errors.  

.IF.(DocumentItems->QtyBase) >1.THEN.text(DocumentItems->ManufacturerPartNumber)*(DocumentItems->QtyBase)

Thanks in advance!

I don't think that you'll get the QuoteWerks native print engine to print multiple labels per line... I think that you'll need a third party reporting tool to achieve this. If you are using QuoteWerks Corporate on SQL Server, then take a look at SQL Server Reporting Services - that's pretty good (and free!).

The formula is attempting to multiple a numeric field (which is ok) by a text field (which is not ok). To get what you have there to work, then it should be .IF.(DocumentItems->QtyBase) >1.THEN.tonumber(DocumentItems->ManufacturerPartNumber)*(DocumentItems->QtyBase) BUT this does rely on the ManufacturerPartNumber being a numeric value to work.

Hope this helps,

Are you saying that if there are 5 of ItemABC you want the line to print 5 times?

What's the maximum number of items you could have?

Thanks for the help, everybody!  If anyone else has a similar requirement, I was ultimately able to get this working in the native layout designer by using formula fields with a variation of the following formula for each field I wanted to display, then duplicating those fields into additional detail sections.  


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Still not quite sure I understand the request, but glad you got where you needed to be! :)

You might want to remove the automatic page numbers, for clarity?

Neat use of the multiple Details Sections! #like!

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