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CALC-PRINTEDON displays different on first page.

I went in and edited the formula on the PRINTEDON field that is included in the Page Footer of the original layout. All of a sudden, on the first page of the report it shows bold and black and on the second page, it shows formatted as per my design. The issue shows on the Save&P and on the Deliver > Preview, this behaviour started after I changed the formula, any ideas how can I get it resolve the problem?

Below is the edited formula: "Created on "+text(sys->date)+" "+text(sys->time)+" by "+text(documentheaders->&salesrepfullnameorusername)

This is what shows on the first page:


This is what shows on the second page


Additionally, is there any way to align the system page number with the PRINTEDON line?

The formula filed in the layout came in with a conditional font expression IfCommentLIneThenBold that was checked. Just for kicks, I unchecked it and the Bold/Black issue problem went away, just like magic, not sure why but it is gone. Now I would like to know if it is going to be possible to align the formula filed with the PageCountPrhaseMacro.

You'd need to move your formula align with the Page Count.

Alternatively, you can disable the Page macro (I do) and create your own formula, and you can then align one to other.

Help > About > Settings Manager and create a new setting like the below.

Restart QW and add the formula to the layout

"Page "+text(sys->page)+" of "+text(sys->page_count)


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