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Down Payment Options

I was approached to figure out a way to add a field on our quote layouts to calculate a down payment if the total comes in over a certain amount. I have tried the formula of documentheaders->grandtotal *.xx but it crashes my application every time I hit save. 

Anyone know of a better way to accomplish this?


Hi Chris,

There is a feature within QuoteWerks that sounds like it would be similar to what you need. In the bottom left side of the Quote grid,  you should see "Deposit Required". In here there are a few different options that you can use such as setting a fixed price or a percentage of the document as an example. So you could have something along the lines of 20% down payment. Unfortunately there would be no way of automating this process without the use of scripting, providing what you need is possible. We ourselves have a validation workflow which would be capable of saying if Total >= xx.xx, then prompt the user to change the deposit required to xx of the document. I'm pretty sure we could do an automated procedure also but this would require some discussion between us if it is of interest.

Should it be of interest, send me a mail at and we can get in touch with what you need!

Best Regards,

Brandon Haycock

Sorry, forgot to mention in my last comment. Once you have set the deposit required, your layout would need to have the Deposit Required field added to your layout if it isn't already there.

Hi Chris, what you're asking for is a relatively straightforward formula.


I've just done this on my installation and it works nicely.

Happy for you to ping me an email with your layout and I'll get this working for you.

Alternatively, you can set the deposit amount, but only have this show if the document value is over XXXX

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