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Quotevalet Activity Notification - Expired Quote Viewed?

I've done some tinkering on some of the automated emails that are generated when the customer views or accepts the quote in Quotevalet, but I can't find one for the automatically generated email when an expired quote is viewed. Is there a way I can customize the subject line? Example email attached.

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OK I've found that but I have another problem I don't understand. When the customer is sent the variable [NOTI_QuoteValetLinkUrl] they get the customer facing page, but when I send that same variable to the sales rep I am sent the sales rep facing link. Is there a way for me to send the sales rep the customer facing URL? 

NOTI_QuoteValetLinkURL has some 'logic' going on so it displays the relevant link for (typical) internal/external use.

There's no way to change the behaviour of this link.

I haven't tried this, but the following MIGHT work:[DH_QuoteValetDocumentID]&TenantId=[*YOUR_TENANT_ID*]

* replace the red with what you see at the end of your QuoteValet URLs

append &internal=1 for the internal view

Out of interest, why do you want your sales people to see the customer facing page (which would trigger a 'quote view')?

Is there something on that quote page that isn't on your sales rep page?

Yes, the ability to get a quote link that can be sent to the customer. Not all of my sales reps have credentials to log into QW, so the Sales Rep facing link is totally useless.

I understand.

Might be worth trying the above to see if it does what you need.

Yes, it worked. Thank you very much

I've got a simple vbscript that you can use to copy the quotevalet link to the clipboard. I've just added it to my Tools menu

I've just discovered one issue though. Doesn't work as expected when you have more than one instance of QuoteWerks running, which shouldn't be an issue for most users.

This way you get the URL without triggering a Quote Viewed. 

Not sure why they took the button off the QuoteValet tab though.

I've attached the script. 

(370 Bytes)

Hi John - What button is "missing" from the QuoteValet tab?  View customer facing page is still there.   Not sure which button you mean.

Way back originally there was a GET QV Url button, which copied the URL to the clipboard.

This discussion is basically related to the same issue

The button is available when you go to upload the quote, but it's a pain getting to it just to get the URL.

The reason is that often, at least in the real world, emailing the link is required. As you can see from the discussion I mentioned, people are going to extraordinary means to achieve what should be a simple task.

From my point of view, being able to identify the actual QuoteWerks object is important. I often run more than one QuoteWerks, and I've got one client that has 10 different QuoteWerks installs running on the one Terminal Server. 

As per John above.

It definitely was there and I still hold a candle for it :)

UK users usually have to wait 5+ seconds for the QuoteValet tab to load..

then click the view customer facing page link

then copy it from the address bar

John, I might just use that little script in my own installation.. thanks for sharing!

Hi guys - what build was that button there in?  I tried it in v5.0 b4.44 and don't see a button.  Was it back in one of the v4.x versions?

It would be incredible if there was a "Deliver this quote to customer" option somewhere on the &internal=1 page

Could add a mailto: link on that page quite 3asily which would do the job.

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It was there inn the initial release of QuoteValet. I don't remember which version that was. It wasn't there long!


Matt is correct. Very easy customisation to the QuoteValet template. Nice idea too.

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