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Quotevalet Activity Notification - Expired Quote Viewed?

I've done some tinkering on some of the automated emails that are generated when the customer views or accepts the quote in Quotevalet, but I can't find one for the automatically generated email when an expired quote is viewed. Is there a way I can customize the subject line? Example email attached.

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I have no idea how I didn't think of that. Thanks guys

So here's a fun fact. [DH_QuoteValetDocumentID] isn't populated until AFTER the first upload, so you need to re-upload the quote in order for the link to work properly

Curt, pretty obvious I would have thought. Until a quote is uploaded there is no QuoteValet document, so no ID and no URL. 

Hi all.

I'll see what can be done about getting the old "Get QV Url" button re-instated.

In the mean time here's another method for getting at the url:

Pick a Custom Text field and add the following F2 lookup entry to it:



Now moving forward you can:

1) F2 (or Double-click) the field 

2) Double-click the Marcro

3) Ctrl-A Ctrl-C

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