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Ability to transfer multi currency into Quickbooks

We have a user who would like to be able to pass multi currency (ie. Alternate Price/Cost fields) over into Quickbooks Online.

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Or Quickbooks Desktop

We have the same issue - we buy in Euros but sell in USD.  QB multicurrency handles this.  Essentially, we'd like to send the item sales price in USD and the item purchase cost in EUR (or other currency, perhaps) to the item in QB.  FX rate as set in QW is not an issue as actual reconciliation in QB is handled when the vendor invoice is paid (in EUR) through a FX variation P&L entry.

Can we get an update to the QB link that allows alternate cost to be selected rather than just cost if it's set up in the QB product item as being based upon a foreign currency?

We're using QB Desktop and QW Enterprise

I think it's an essential feature that should be implemented in Quotewerks. Many companies nowadays do business with foreign customers with the QB Multi-currency functionality, and it would be very helpful to be able to create documents from QW in QB with alternate currencies other than the base currency. I don't think it should be that complicated for the QW Dev team to implement. 

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