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Pricing formulas

I have several products that need a complex formula to get price.  The formula option doesn't work for these products it is very limiting.   Is there a way to use a formal for pricing that has different variables?   Right now we are figuring our prices using an excel spreadsheet for these products and putting in on a quote by quote basis.

base number/300 = X  (600/300 = 2)

once I have X I select the corresponding multiplier - will vary by number

2 = .02

(.02*price of a related item)

02*8500.00  = 850.00 

Thanks for your help I appreciate it.   

Terri Furgeson

Using CustomNumber fields, you could potentially create formulae on the QuoteWerks Quote Layout which use the figures to do the calculations. The downside of that is that the Cost/Selling Prices on the Layout presented to the customer would not match those on the Document in QuoteWerks.

Ideally you'd have QuoteWerks Corporate which supports scripting, then you could have the calculations done on the Document and so you'd see the Prices, Profit Margin, etc.

Thank you - That's what I thought.  I'm on professional edition - not sure if we want to upgrade now.  

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