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Email notifications

I have the ability to add an email address for activity notifications under Tools> Options> QuoteValet.Activity Notifications >For activity drop down.
Can there be one created for  REMINDER: Payment is due  email notification?

That way mt accounting department that tracks and receives payments will have the ability to be notified to request payment like the remaining 50% on a quote.

This issue with this is that those emails are (or have the ability to be) defined on a document by document basis.

I agree that DocumentNotViewed / Payment is Due / ExpiresIn emails would be good to have the option of being CCd

You could probably get clever with Outlook Rules to auto-forward such emails.

For example, if Subject contains XXXXX forward to

Thanks Matt, Setting up the rule for now sounds like the best way.

+1 on this being added as a feature

We would also like to see this as a feature

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