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Formatting the "Section Header" style

I'm currently trying to make it easier for our customers to understand the various types of line items on our quotes, using the hand Section headers added in 5.3.

However I want to style the section headers bar to a particular colour etc and I'm struggling to do this, I'm not sure if it's our customised quote template or if it's something I'm not doing.

I've tried to use the default Galaxy template with the same quote and can get the bars to change but only in a particular Detail Section.

So to make this easier to understand;

1. I want the output to look like this:


I noticed in Galaxy the actual "Detail Report" sections we're coloured with the blue, but when we played with it, the bars only changed when we changed "Detail Report 3" background colour when using Section Headers.

Here is our layout:


I've gone through and tried the following:

1. Changing the colour of the "Description" field via Background on both section 1 and 3

2. Changing the colour of the "Detail Section" for both 1 and 3.

Results for all 4 changes:





I know there is a video on youtube about it, but that's for the function, rather than styles/formatting of the actual quote view.

I'm probably doing something wrong or missing how the editor is detecting the various formatting?

You need to add a new detail section, with a filter of documentitems->linetype=32

You then put the description field, and any formatting, in there.. that should help.

You might need to filter 'out' 32 from other detail sections.

Alternatively, ping me an email with your layout and I'll do it for you.

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Hey Owen,

I can imagine that having to do 2-3 quotes would be a royal pain somewhere!

If you can't get it to do what you want, post back or ping me an email.

Relating to your QuoteValet comment...if it's QuoteWerks, I do it!

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Hi Matt

is there a list of linetypes anywhere? I just don't seem to be able to find a list anywhere.

Hi Richard, you can find them in our help file on this page 

Thank's Cat, that's perfect.

I have a detail section now for headings, all works well except I can't underline the text - I select underline and it shows it in the report designer, just not in the actual quote.  Any ideas? 

It could be a Conditional Font that has been inadvertently applied to the field that you are trying to underline. (Select the field in the Report Designer, Format menu - Conditional Font to check this.)

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