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How can I modify how the quantity displays for groups?

In the report that I am customizing, when the item is in a group and quantity is 1, the quantity is not displayed, if the quantity is 2, the report prints it as a (2), I think this is very confusing. I would like to modify it to report to print the quantity the same as QuoteValet where quantity 1 is displayed as (Qty 1), etc. 

I have not been able to figure it out because the report seems to be embedding the quantity in the description. Is there a way to successfully accomplish this request, or is this something that is hardcoded?

Current Output in the Layout:


Output as displayed in QuoteValet:


It is hardcoded, but you can tell it stop putting the (x) by going to Help>About>Settings MAnager and run this command:


If you wanted, you could then write a formula to get the PDF version to display the same as QuoteValet.

I do not see how to create a formula to display the same as QuoteValet because I am going to have to figure out some way to embed the Qty text and field into the description field and I do not see how I can do that. My only option is to squeeze the quantity in between the image and the description or put it above the description and both are a no go for me plus I am already up to detail section 11 and I think the limit is 12, right? If I do any of my only two options I am going to need at least 9 or 10 detail sections more. The more I learn how to use the layout designer the more I am shocked and surprised at how limited it is when it comes to customizing forms because everything that I want to customize seems to be hardcoded and cannot be changed only removed. 

From my experience, the layout designer is the most flexible I've ever come across.

Does the formula below not do the trick for you?

.if.documentitems->qtybase>1.then."("+text(documentitems->qtybase)+") "+documentitems->description

Honestly, I do not now, it looks pretty straightforward to me but I guess I first need to figure out where and how to use it. I think I need to invest just a little bit more time to learn and experiment. 

I created a layout for a client that got to 17 detail sections (the limit is 18).

Usually I'm up at about 12-13 which usually covers most use cases.

Hey, it works! Made a slight change to your formula to accomplish exactly what I was going for without having to disable the BundleItemQuantityDisplay. I also assume the qtybase field is the bundle item quantity, correct? 

if.documentitems->qtybase>1.then."Qty "+documentitems->description.else."Qty (1)"+documentitems->description

Yup, you're spot on! Good Job :) !

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