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General Questions about Resizing Images

Is there a way to size an image to an exact width x height and position the image on a specific let, top? Resizing and positioning an image or any other item with the mouse is not exact and it is practically impossible to accomplish. 

Not sure if I should create another topic but I have the snap to grid turn on but I was wondering if there is a way to display the grid across the page/document? I would like to be able to visually align items instead of relying on the left, top. 

If you look right at the bottom left you can see the height/width/position of the image that's selected.

If you use the arrow keys, this gives you a finer level of control.

For example, select the image, hold Shift and press the left-arrow key to make the image less wide

(right key for wider, down key for taller, etc.)

I tried your suggestion, the only way I was able to accomplish what I am trying to do is by changing the grid spacing from 12 to 1 otherwise it is impossible. The feature is somewhat inefficient particularly if you have a lot of images, but at least the option is there. I personally believe that it would be much better if you could key in the numbers. 

Do you know if there is a way to display the grid across the section or the entire layout?

You can turn grid spacing off, that's what I always do when working with templates.

You can also align one object to another, this is quick way to get things aligned.

You can also set one image and make others the same height/width en masse, too.

OK, yes, I see, how you can do that and as long as you have each image sized correctly it should work fine.

Is there a way to do select several images at once and adjust to the same height/width/position?

Get one image to the size you want.

You can then select multiple images using CTRL+Click, then right-click and you have a 'Sizing' option and you can set them all to the same width/height.

You can also align to the left/right as you need.

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