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Hiding items when printing with word

We are presently using Word layouts for printing our proposals.  We do this because we want to have the Ts&Cs bound to the quote when we make it.  Recently I wanted to add a literature item which summarized some of the items that are grouped in our service offerings for the customer.  I am able to create the literature that I need, however, when those items are in the literature, I want them hidden in the quote.   There are a few ways I feel I can achieve this.   

  • not print items which have an indicator in a particular field, such as customtext or itemtype.
  • print only items which have nothing defined in a particular field.
  • do not print anything in a group (any group)
  • Print using fpc files but bind T&Cs to those files

Is there any way to achieve one of the above?  Or is there another way to allow me to use line items that are in the quote and marked "Print NO"  int the quote itself.
I cannot label everything that can be printed since there are massive amounts of items in our databases which we get from vendors.

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The final bullet point will be easiest. It's far easier to manipulate the FPC files than the Word integration, in my opinion.

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