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Image Inserted in Footer Based on Line Item Description

I'm having trouble figuring out how to populate a signature block in a footer based on the description in a line item.  In our company, one admin does all the quotes and they each need to have a signature and contact information at the end of the quote.  Up to this point, we've had a separate template for each rep, but whenever a change needs to be made to the template, it's a painstaking process to update them all to match.  So I'm trying to have one template, where I can add a non-printing item (product) that contains a picture (that is essentially a jpeg of the reps. signature plus contact info.) into the body of the quote, and have that signature show/print in the footer section.  I've added the image to a new product and have entered that product into my quote.  For each rep., there will be a product set up and each of the descriptions will contain the text "X-Signature" in it.  So, I've edited the print layout with a filter on the footer that reads:  .IF.documentitems->description$"X-Signature ...
I know I need a .THEN. statement somewhere but I'm not sure what to do next.    Can this even be done? 

Let me run that back past you to see if I follow.

You currently have multiple templates to meet your need, which you (understandably) want to reduce.

Are you saying that if User=A, then show ReportFooterA.. if User=B, then show ReportFooterB

I'm not quite sure where the line item element comes from.

Am I along the right sort of lines?

Matt Rose - QuoteWerks MVP

Prestige Quoting

Yes to the first paragraph.

No to the second line.

After reviewing a few different ways that formulas and filters can be used (albeit, not exact scenarios), I was thinking maybe it would be possible to have the signature block (as an image) populate based on a line item in the quote.  So, if John D is the sales rep. for the quote, I would select from my item list the item (product) that corresponds to John D.  (the product is already entered into the inventory and has a picture with it -the picture is essentially an image of his signature and contact info.).  I'm trying to make this picture populate and print in the footer area.  So, I know that i need something in the footer that says, if any of the items above have "X-Signature" in the description, then find the picture that is associated with that item and put it in the footer.

Also, I did read somewhere that I could have different footers for different needs (like this), but I understand that 9 report footers is the limit.  And I have > 15 reps. and some reps have multiple templates for varying layout needs.

Can you share an example of two footers, so I can see the sorts of differences we're talking about?

I think that could help massively.

Hi Debbi ~

May I ask why you aren't using the Sales Rep vs Prepared By functionality built into QuoteWerks?  Each salesrep would be set up as a "user" and have a signature, image, etc set up in their preferences.  And then, when creating the quote, the admin would set the Salesrep dropdown to the appropriate Salesrep.  Then, you wouldn't need different templates, just use the correct macros to pull the appropriate information.

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That's the problem.  I don't know what to put in my footer to make it populate the image that is associated with the product line item in the quote.

What I'm trying to accomplish is loosely based on this archived thread:,image

Not the initial question but about half way down, another person named Tolleh asks about putting an image in a header -pulled from the item description.  I want to flip that around and put the image in my footer.  But I don't know what to put in the footer to make that happen.

If you use the image placeholder in a header, it will display the image of the first line item.

I don't actually know if this works for footers.

What Cat is saying is that each QW user can have two images associated with their login (Tools > My Preferences), this are intended as a user headshot/signature.. but can be used for any purpose.

I think you're making things a little more complex than needs be by trying to do this with adding specific line items.

I didn't actually realized that we could have different "users" that weren't actual users.  I thought they each had to have a license/login for that.  I will definitely check out that option as it would make things much easier (and work like it was designed to work).  Thanks Cat & Matt!

Hi Debbi - You can have as many "Users" as you like, you are only limited to how many users can log in at once.  I have several companies that have one person that prepares quotes, but 15 - 20 "Users" so they can be set as the sales rep.  Let me know if you run into any issues or have any questions.  Thanks for the help explaining, Matt!

So basically, I can set up each of the sales reps as users even though they will never log in, correct?
(I don't currently have access to set up the people that appear in the Sales Rep pick list and have had to request access from the admin. so my questions at this point are because I'm in the dark and can't see what the options are right now.)

Yes. As Cat says, you don't need a licence for a user to exist in the system. 

You're simply piggybacking off the SalesRep/PreparedBy username to get the detail on the quote you require.

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Awesome!  Thank you both!!

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