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Show Group Qty

Hi guys,

How can i show the Qty of line items that have been 'grouped' in QW?

The line properties of the grouped item is set to Show Qty = Yes, but in the template the Qty is hidden (only shown for the 'group header')

Am i missing a setting somewhere?

Ah, ok so it seems teh Qty is only hidden if Qty = 1

If Qty > 1 then it shows ... 

so this changes my question to, can the Qty be shown all the time, regardless of value?

I use this to override the default setting:

I then create a formula in a detail section (specific for group members) of something like:

"("+text(documentitems->qtybase)+"x) "+documentitems->description

This then shows things like:

(1x) DescriptionABC

(3x) DescriptionDEF

(7x) Description XYZ, etc.

hope that helps, or gives enough pointers!

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