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Remove/hide 'Optional - Selected'

Hi guys,

Is there a way to prevent QW automatically appending 'Optional - Selected' and 'Optional' to the descriptions of Optional line items in the quote template?

I've added my own 'optional' indicator but now need to remove the default one... is there a setting for this?

(5.51 KB)

In the example below, I am using a "*" instead of 'Optional'


This is a setting in Help > About > Settings Manager

Create a new (or update an existing setting).. with the bottom field being what you want to see instead of Optional.

There certainly wasn't when I asked, about 9 months ago, and not seen anything int he release notes since then.

I could be wrong, but I don't believe there's a setting to change [Optional - SELECTED]

Here he is, saving the day again 

Thanks Matt, shame we can't get rid of the [Optional - Selected] text... hopefully that will come in future. In the meantime, that worked a treat to remove the other [Optional] text.

Hi Barry - its the same kind of key to get rid of that as well:

First, have everyone else close out of QuoteWerks and be sure you are logged in as a Master Rights user.
-Go into Help->About, System tab
-Click on Settings Manager button
-In SystemSettings click on Section and choose System
-Click the Yellow Star to add a new setting
-Make sure the Section is System
-In the KeyName enter in OptionalSelectedItemText
-Leave the Key Value blank 

Great news, thanks Cat! :) worked a treat!

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