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Totaling Item Quantity in Layout

I'm trying to create essentially a Purchase layout that I can print out and give to my purchaser. I break my quotes down in groups, so each group may have some of the same items, when I print a regular layout it just lists all the items in each group. 

I'd like to group all of the items with the same vendor and vendor item number and give the line a total quantity of that item instead of showing 3 or 4 lines with the item and quantity.

I have tried the help section and formulas but cant seem to figure this out, can anyone help?

Using a Report (rather than a regular Layout) would be the way to go here. Use Sort Sections of Vendor and Manufacturer Part Number, place the relevant fields (Manufacturer Part Number, Description, Quantity, etc.) in Sort Footer 2 and sum the Quantity. Hope this helps.

Thanks for your reply!

I'm not following though, I created report footer 2 and put my relevant fields in the report footer 2 but I'm just getting 1 line with a total. I'm trying to get a list like the detail section shows of all the items but total all of the ones with the same vendor and vendor part number.

I have played with formulas but can't get anything to work. Any more help would be greatly appreciated.

You want additional SORT Sections, not REPORT Footer Sections.

Sort Header 1 by Vendor, Sort Header 2 by Manu Part #, put your fields in SORT Footer 2 and make sure that the Summurization Type is set to Total.

Hope this helps...

That's were I'm getting lost, I can't add a Sort Section anywhere, just Report Footer Sections. The only think I can add are Report Header, Detail Section, Report Footer.

I suspect you're looking at a layout after hitting the deliver icon, and not Reports>Management Reports.

If so, the layouts you're looking at can't have sort sections, only layouts within management reports can.

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