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Fillable Fields?

Is there any way that I can have a management report create a fill-able field?  I have a custom report that will total the quantity of an item from multiple bundles across all the documents in a project.  I send the report to my suppliers where they then have to print our add text to the pdf to enter pricing.  If they could type into a field I would get a much better response and in the format and order that is easier for me to input back into quotewerks..... and hope that one day I might automate the "request for pricing" process.

Is this possible?


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Hello Dustin, there is an option in QuoteWerks to export to a csv file rather than to a pdf (right click on the report and export it to your desktop, manually changing the extension to .csv). If you were to do this then you could send the exported file to your supplier and then have them enter their pricing.

There is also an option under the Edit menu called "Paste Special" which allows you to input into QuoteWerks from an Excel worksheet. Once you have a template set up then importing would take only a matter of seconds. A combination of the above may be what you are after.

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