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Functionality to be able to work on Layouts in a Live installation

It would be nice if it was possible to create and then work on layouts in a 'Live' installation ie. to be able to hide layouts from view so that the users can't view them until you allow them too.

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Yes, having some sort of Active/Inactive flag on a layout would be useful; or making it only visible to Master Rights users.

Similarly an Active/Inactive flag on QuoteValet templates would be nice.

Best workaround I've come up with (other than the obvious, work on it in a different system, but that can be a faff) is to create the document as a different document type, so it doesn't appear on a tab the client expects.

However, this falls over if the client has 'all' selected as the tab.

One of my clients suggested something like, have a QuoteWerks\Layouts\UserABC folder - with UserABC being the QW login. Only that user could then see FPC files within that template.

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