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Program To Use Conditional Data

I'm trying to insert conditional data into my Print Layout, but am having serious trouble. When I try to follow along with, for example, I can't get past step 2.

What program do I need to be using for language like this to work? I can only get quotes to open in Word (attempting to open any other format crashes Quotewerks). Am I out luck until I fix that issue? What program is Edit supposed to open?


I have not been using fpc files because attempting to create, edit, or preview them crashes Quotewerks. Looks like I have to get in touch with technical support to iron that out if I want to have conditional formatting.

It sounds like you're editing a Word Layout file and not a QuoteWerks Layout file.

In the image below, does the icon you have look like this or more like a Word icon?

If it's a word icon, the layout you're trying to edit is not a QuoteWerks Layout file and can't have conditional formatting.


I am not using any program other than QuoteWerks. As I said in my previous post ..... "You need to be in QuoteWerks and you need to be clicking on the Deliver icon." In the QuoteWerks installation, out of the box there are Layouts for Word and there are default QuoteWerks layouts. The Word layouts you can edit outside of QuoteWerks, in Word, but you can't use the conditional formulas in the Word layouts. If you log into QuoteWerks and then follow the instructions above then you should be able to do what you want. But note, you will need to be selecting one of the inbuilt QuoteWerks layouts and not one of the Word layouts.

David, what program are you using to edit the file?

I don't have "Report" on the top menu (or "Help", for that matter). I have File, Home, Insert, Design, Layout, References, Mailings, Review, View, Design, Layout, and "Tell me what you want to do..." Even when I pull up a list of all commands in Word, "Report" is not one of the ones available to me.

This makes me wonder if Quotewerks may have a minimum version requirement for conditional data that I don't meet.

Once you have clicked on Edit then if you look across the top menu's you will see the ......


menu on the extreme right, next to the Help menu.

You need to be in QuoteWerks and you need to be clicking on the Deliver icon (Print is the old name for that icon). Clicking on Edit opens the Layout that you have selected (in Edit mode), after clicking the Deliver icon.

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