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Deleted layouts

So while i was in the field on a job, one of our office workers accidentally deleted the Sales Quote template. Is there any way to recover this?

If you go into the root of your QuoteWerks folder you should be able to see a folder called dtf. If you check the dtf folders' properties and see if you have 'Previous Versions' switched on and if it is recoverable that way.

Check the Recycle Bin and see if the file can be restored to its original location.

Restore the file from a backup copy of your QuoteWerks installation.

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QuoteWerks doesn't have any sort of Recycle Bin for deleted layouts.

Afraid it's gone, unless you have a backup.

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Thank you. I was able to find a  backup on my old computer and was able to transfer it back to the current program's files

I would go into the users' permissions and make adjustments in order to prevent the same thing from happening again. There are .....



permissions but it might be an idea to review other permissions also.

What we tend to do is to set up a default 'sales' user and then clone all new users from that user.

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I definitely found this to be a helpful idea. I wish I had thought about it before it happened. 

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