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Do NOT print page header if no products / services line items?

I frequently have a situation where my products / services end on one page, but the pricing information (contained in a footer) gets pushed to the next page, with NO product / service line items on that last page. Yet, the page header still prints. It looks silly to have "Description" "Unit Price" "QTY" "Ext. Price" at the top of the page, with no product / service line items below it, just the pricing detail.


How do I stop the page header from printing at the top of a page where no product / service line items are printed?

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With difficulty.

QuoteWerks doesn't know that there are no line items printed on the page, by the time it has printed the page header.

Possible solutions:

  • Force a page break somewhere on the previous page, so there are line items on the final page.
  • Turn the final page into a summary type page, suppressing the page header, ensuring no line items show on that page.
  • Don't show the headers on the final page.

All of the above have their downsides.

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