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Print layout filtering

i am attempting to break up a Purchase order into different sections

for example for our tilers the sections would be Prep, Wall tiling, Feature tiling and floor tiling. the objective is to have a heading (bold) Prep with all the associated prep work descriptions (by item) listed then a heading Wall tiling with the same and so on. i have tried filtering by sections but cant crack the correct formula. Has anyone achieved this or something similar?

This will be tricky.

Are the items in the 'correct' order in the QuoteWerks line items, or do they also require to be 'sorted' into the rights sections, too?

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Yes correct order

This isn't straightforward.

The 'headings' would also need to be line items in the document, in the right sort of place.

These would also need to be tagged with the vendor/supplier name (POs only included line items tagged with a vendor/supplier). 

We could then have those formatted differently on the output if there was something consistent about the headings vs regular lines (such as the description being one of certain keywords/phrases, or a 'tag' in a custom field in those headings).

Can you share a screenshot of what your line items look like, or a DTF example I/we can review.

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The template "Word Proposal" in the QW print directory does something similar to what i am trying to achieve by listing only Television items under the heading Television 




and same with Speakers 


<<ItemType.Speaker.&DI_CustomMemo01>>) and so on

Some more back ground that may help.

When we build our estimates (dtf attached) we use generic vendors ie Tiler, Plumber, Carpenter etc as it isn't known who will be allocated the job and subsequent PO at that stage. However once the job is won and then heads into our Production department an allocation happens and currently we are spending considerable time changing all the relevant vendors (Tiler for example) to the contractors name so we can produce a PO for them. We also have some contractors that do more than one trade say a Carpenter who will do the Window work as well and the Bricklaying and Carpentry meaning we need to be able to group these on the one PO and preferably under a heading for each. My thought was that if i could achieve this by not having to change the Vendor names all the time and do it in the Print layout Detail Section Filtering it might be possible to achieve our desired outcome. Alternatively is it possible to run a script or add on to change the Vendor name within a Quote easily (ie All Vendors <Tiler> to <ABC Tiling Services>). The other key point is that when we create a PO for say the Tiler we separate the this PO into section ie PREP, WALL, FEATURE, FLOOR to be able to give clearer instruction.


The example we are trying to copy is similar to what is used in the “Word Proposal” template found in Quotes – using this formula






It appears to filter only items associated with TV’s in this instance to this section.

We are trying to achieve something similar.


Our goal is to have for example our Vendor “Tiler” split into sections being Prep, Wall, Feature and Floor. With the relevant document items being placed under each.


The other issue we have is that when the Quotes are created, we use a generic Vendor as it is unknown as to who is going to be allocated the job at that time. In the past we have been item by item changing the Vendor name to the allocated tradie in each quote. So, unless there is a way to change multiple generic vendors within a quote to another vendor?


My approach has been to now create multiple templates for each tradie so the generic vendor may stay the same (saving the time associated with changing each line item) and then sectioning as above with hopefully a filter that works. The issue that this approach has created is that the email of PO’s has now become time consuming as we are using the generic vendor not the actual vendor.


I have attached example .dtf and PO’s for reference


Thanks in advance


Use a custom field to define your PO Sections. For example, CustomText01 = "Tiliing" for all tiling items. They don't need to be in order.

Then use the word layout something like this





Hi Dean, I found your workflow interesting. If your yes/no box is for your subcontractor to select... Heres an idea. Consider using seperate quote templates and later merging them into a master "sales order". or you can split a master template into seperate ones... Template 1 "tiler" Template 2 "Plumber" Idea could be... You could get your subcontractors to accept the quote electronically through quote valet "shopping cart". They fill in "qty1" to order that part of their order. Or you impose the values for them. Let them update the data for you this is the "supplier order form" Once you have those quotes accepted then it's easy to merge them two orders into a single master sales order. Use the project number as additional 'glue' of the "job number" Just an idea.
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