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Creating a Formula to add two fields

I've been trying to add these two fields together and simply show the result on my form.  But I cannot figure this out.  What am I doing wrong.  Thank you.


Looks good to me. 

Why does it not work? 

Can you post screen shots?

My first thought is summarization type.

Right-click on the formula, choose format, ensure the drop-down at the bottom is 'Value', not something like 'Total'.

Thank you for your reply.  I tried something else today.  I actually added the ShippingAmount field to my layout and noticed that it is 0.00.  That's why my calculations have been off.  But when I go to Quotewerks, I have a value in the Shipping amount field.  So I added all the fields with the word "ship" in it to see what field would populate with my correct dollar amount.  None of the fields have it.  They all showed 0.00.  So now I'm wondering, am I looking for the wrong field to add up.    

Below is a screen shot of my Quotewerks.  I need to add subtotal $53,261.40 with shipping $7,909.42 and display that total on my print layout form.  Any suggestions?  


Ah, I should have spotted this before.

In the above you mention DocumentItems->ShippingAmount (each line item can have a shipping amount)

This should be DocumentHeaders->ShippingAmount

If that doesn't do the trick, ping me an email and we can have a screen share if you wish.

That was it.  Thank you so much for helping!!!

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