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Required items on a separate line under each section.

Hi, Is there a way I can show Required Items total cost from multiple products on a single line? Cheers

Hi Chris,

Are you saying that you're adding a Core Product "WidgetXYZ"

That WidgetXYZ has 'x' number of required items (each showing on their own line).

You want to total up the cost (as in your cost, or the client price; or both?) of all those required items onto one line?

If you select all the required items and create a group (CTRL+G), it'll then do something like the below.. is this close?


Hi Matt, thanks for getting back to me.

Sorry no, my description is not the best! 

Multiple Products on separate lines, each product has its own required items. 

I want all the required items from all products to be Total'd and shown on a single line under a Misc/Consumables description. 

Screen shot attached.

Something a bit more like the below.

Noting we can hide the "Invisible Required Item" lines - although pricing does get included in the Section Header.

We can then add a summary line (which doesn't add towards the quote total) at the bottom.

QuoteWerks has the ability for custom developments to be run, for niche requests like this (available in the corporate edition) which would allow lots of this to be automated, and almost certainly, more cleanly than the below - subject to specifics, there's a couple of hours work in getting that working.

Nothing below!

Take Two

(53.2 KB)
Yes like that but could it be done a room basis or is it easier with quote total?

Is something like this closer?

(68.9 KB)

HI Matt, 

They are both close to what i'm after but if the work to get this work is time consuming it might out weight the benefit.

I assumed it would be easy to pull the cost of required items from the Subtotal!

If the required items is a total at the end of the quote or under each section, im guessing b0th are time consuming to get to work?


Would it be the same time consuming process if i wanted a similar scenario using the Simple labor feature, 

 i.e Multiple core products, all with Simple labor and only a single line at the end of the quote showing the total labor for all the products.


One route could be to have the layout do the hard work.

For example, we could tell it to find all of the Products that are labour items and total those up (having shown, or not, the breakdown) at the bottom.

As long as QW can identify which items should be included, this is quite straightforward.

ok, great. 

Is there any documentation in the Suport area to help with this, ive had a look but cant fid anything!

Many Thanks


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I did reply to this, but wonder if, as it contained links, the post was rejected.

Inside the QuoteWerks documentation there is a section on Summary Lines and Product Formula lines

Chapter 5 | Line Types | Summary

Chapter 5 | Linte Tyes | There is then a clickable link for "formula line type"

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