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Time Calculation


I am looking to get some results regarding time calculations.
Example is:
From 2 Custom fields that are text:

1:30 PM + 1.5 = the result on the layout would be 3 PM
1:30 PM – 2.5 = 11:00 AM

Tricky. Very tricky.

How many divisions of the hour would you need to go to?

Could you, for example, have 1:37 - 1.25 = 12:22

Is the information stored something like the attached?

(14.7 KB)

Hi Mat,

Thank you for hopping on this.

We are in the off-premises events biz.

We are constantly figuring out what time things need to happen based the guest arrival.

As an example – Let’s say we are hired to do your company holiday party in your building on the 50th floor and guests are at 6PM.

First we document how long it takes for our things to make it from the loading dock to the your office. We are nyc and everything taken 3X the time.

Then the time the chef needs to prepare so we are ready for guests. This differs between a cocktail party for 50 or a seated meal for 50. Not giving enough time can be disastrous or giving too much time will be costly for labor.

Presently we place all your specs (load in length does not change) in act as we expect to come back again.

This is how it’s done: It goes from act >> to QW >> To Excel.

-Guest arrive time: 6:00 PM

-Chef Prep Length: 2 Hours

-Load in length: 45

-Totals:  2 hour 45 minutes .

Then it also does the time the truck needs to drive to the site.

-Drive to site length: 1.45

-Guests 6:PM – 2:45(chef Prep+loadIn) = the time @ loading dock: 2:45PM

-2:45 PM – 1.75 (1hour 45) to drive to the site. = the truck leaves commissary 11:45 AM

I built our QW almost 10 Years ago with the help coming from you & tolleh.. a BIG thank you.

I am rebuilding it now taking advantage of the many added fields & other features that I did not have time to try/test (we have no biz in ny due to covid) and thought I can consolidate the time math onto a layout.

My hope is they somehow allow for field merging into excel from the links resources templates.

presently I use the QW2Excel utility.

Thank Again.


Thanks for the additional detail. I guess I'm still not following how you're storing this information in QW.

Are you doing it this way yet, or is this a pipe dream we're building here?

How is this information going from ACT to QW?

Where is the data stored in QW?

I'm not following some of your numbers.. how does the following make sense:

"-Guests 6:PM – 2:45(chef Prep+loadIn) = the time @ loading dock: 2:45PM"

"-2:45 PM – 1.75 (1hour 45) to drive to the site. = the truck leaves commissary 11:45 AM"

I end up with a 1:30pm departure time.

Are you doing something like the attached? (things in brackets are my notes).

(25.6 KB)

Hi Mat,

Excuse my delay in responding.. Had the kids and we went away.

If faster to show you so i m emailing you a link.

i think excel will be a better tool to do what I need.


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