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Add a period after a data field

My question seems silly and should be easy, but I'm struggling.  I just discovered the line# feature added back in 5.1 which would simplify so much.  My challenge is that on layouts we like the line number to have a period after it so that there is a more clear delineation before qty.  If my layout simply has the &linenumber data field, I can't figure out how to get a period to show.  I think I may have to do a calculated field, but I only want it to appear when there is a line number.  I have a feeling this would take Matt Rose 30 seconds.  Thank you Matt for such awesome support on this community.

Try this in a formula: 



Steve beat me to it and I couldn't say it better :)

Thanks Steve and Matt.  This got me the result I needed along with periods on every line without line#.  I try stumbling a lot hoping to get lucky, but figure you guys are more efficient.  By the way if there is a cheat sheet reference on some of this, i would love it.

This is what I've landed on as being closest to what I want: .IF.DocumentItems->&LineNumber<>.THEN."".ELSE.documentitems->&linenumber+"."

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