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What is system field para break

I'm working hard to clean up our print layouts and steamline after years of old junk.  I'm deleting anything that seems extraneous.  On our Bill of Materials layout, there is use of a system field- para break.  i can't find info on it in the knowledge base.  Why would this be in our bill of materials and can I delete it?  It's in a report footer.

Thank you in advance.

As I understand it, the use of this when concatenating a string is to put a carriage return in the sentence. If you can upload the Layout, then perhaps I can take a look and see what it might be doing in the context you have in your Bill of Materials Layout.

Here is a copy of it.


I've no idea what that's for or what effect it has on the report. It's got a Conditional Font on it so it's always going to be invisible too. I'd suggest that you can delete it without negatively affecting the report.

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