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Conditional Picture Field

Is there a way I can make pictures appear on a quote based on a document header value? My example is I want to be able to rebrand a quote with a few brands in the header and footer, and have a drop down in the field info tab (document headers).

Yes, definitely - we have several clients that we've set this up for. Basically you want to place multiple Report Header and Report Footer Sections, then Filter them based on what's in your Document Headers field.

An example Filter would be DocumentHeaders->CustomText01="" as a default, then DocumentHeaders->CustomText01="Brand 01", DocumentHeaders->CustomText01="Brand 02", etc. for your different options.

Hope this helps!

No, I understand how to make that work with report headers and footers (already doing that) but I need to have multiple headers and footers that print at the top and bottom of every page... Currently I can only see a way to have a single header/footer pair...

Ok, so it's PAGE Headers and Footers you'd like to make different. As you have observed, there is only one PAGE Header and Footer available on the Layouts. The only thing that I can think of to try would be applying a Conditional Font to the images in the Page Header and Footer Sections. I am not making any guarantees that this will work, but applying a Conditional Font to an image is not something you'd usually do. In the past I have observed with images in Layouts that if a Conditional Font has been applied and the Condition is True, then the image will disappear. Maybe, just maybe, if you put all of the Brand images into the single Page Header / Footer Sections with Conditional Fonts similar to the example Filters I gave previously, then this might work for you.

Good luck and let us know the outcome!

As Steve alludes, this could be fun (if not impossible) without going down the route of simply having multiple layout templates.

Are you saying:

  • I want Quote Template A
  • I set a value in a field in QuoteWerks "BrandA"
  • The layout then shows ImageA in the page header/footer

  • Also, on Quote Template A
  • On a ne quote, you set a value in a field "BrandB"
  • The layout then shows ImageB in the page header/footer

Steve, Conditional Fonts (if that works) would be an ingenious solution!

Steve, Conditional Fonts (if that works) would be an ingenious solution!

You know me!!! ;)

Unfortunately it would seem you can't apply conditional fonts to images in the page header (the menu item is greyed out...). Looks like we're back to multiple layout files. Booooo!

Thanks so much for your suggestions though - ingenious!


I've done this for a few clients on QuoteValet (CustomText01=BrandA.jpg, or CustomText01=BrandB.jpg) which works nicely, but yeah, I can't see how we can do this nicely with QW layouts. If that conditional font thing worked, I would've flipped with excitement at the opportunities that would've opened up!

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