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Word DOCM "Error Reading File Signature"

When trying to preview a quote using the Word .DOCM format, QuoteWerks gives me an error of "Error Reading File Signature".

As a result, it is unable to generate the PDF's and doesn't show anything in the preview window.

Ok, so, it appears that if I remove the Word macros from the .DOCM file, it opens fine.

As soon as I add either a Document_Open() or Document_New() set of macros to the Word file, it errors out with the "Error Reading File Signature" message.

Any thoughts?

Further troubleshooting....

If I add just the following code to the Word Macro, it opens the PDF fine:

Private Sub Document_New()

End Sub


As soon as I add anything else in there, I get the same error message. For example:

Private Sub Document_New()

' Comment

End Sub





Same issue here:

Have created Word template for QuoteWerks with Word 2019 cloing the Layout example from QW.

Several steps have been ok, suddenly the issue was there. Old example still works fine.

Repeated all steps from beginning: now it is ok.


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