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Word DOCM "Error Reading File Signature"

When trying to preview a quote using the Word .DOCM format, QuoteWerks gives me an error of "Error Reading File Signature".

As a result, it is unable to generate the PDF's and doesn't show anything in the preview window.

Ok, so, it appears that if I remove the Word macros from the .DOCM file, it opens fine.

As soon as I add either a Document_Open() or Document_New() set of macros to the Word file, it errors out with the "Error Reading File Signature" message.

Any thoughts?

Further troubleshooting....

If I add just the following code to the Word Macro, it opens the PDF fine:

Private Sub Document_New()

End Sub


As soon as I add anything else in there, I get the same error message. For example:

Private Sub Document_New()

' Comment

End Sub





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