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How can I reference the GroupHeader of a GroupMember?

We use bundles heavily so almost all the products in a quote are members of a Grouped Bundle.  When a Project is sold I will run a management report that aggregates all the Items of a specific ItemType across multiple quotes within a given project.    I want to know what group each item is a member of by listing the Manufacturer Part # of the relative GroupHeader.

Any ideas?

I don't believe this is possible with native functionality.

There's nothing that really links a group member to a group header in the DocumentItems table in the database.

Best that could be achieved, and would do what you want with no user interaction, is a custom script.

Something like:

When I click save, copy the Part# of the group header to a spare Custom field for each of the relevant group members.


Thank you for your response.  I think that would probably work. I will look into it.

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