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Custom totals in layout

I have a project quote template that works as it should. 

I cloned it so I can make a few custom changes, but am struggling to get formulas to work.

I am looking for a formula (which would be called Material Total) that will display the combined extended price of all items with a "1" in custom text 15, 16, 18 and 19.

Then I need a second formula (which would be called labor total) that will display the combined extended price of all items with in the quote with a "1" in custom text 10

Lastly, I need a formula that displays the total of those two formulas combined.

For reference so that the names Material and Tax for my particular use of parts doesn't throw people off, I have different labors created as different parts and different material types as different parts.

My "labor parts" are differentiated by a "1" in custom Text 10, my "materials" are differentiated by a "1" in either custom text 15, 16, 18 or 19.

What I am trying to create here is a summary at the bottom of the quote that has Material total, Labor total, then grand total.... as opposed to my current layout that has subtotal, tax total and grand total.

Thank you, in advance, for your time and help.

--Michael Hickey

Just to clarify: is it a QuoteWerks PDF Layout that you are working on or a QuoteValet HTML Template?

So, initially when I made the post, I was talking about the PDF layout.

As a temp solution, I copied the template and made the total fields text fields and manually put in my totals as text fields then used these custom templates for this quote.

This temp solution would have gotten me by this once, but when I went to send via quote valet, I saw that yes, I would also need to do work on the HTML Template. Something I have 0 experience with.

At that point, since I didn't have optional groups in my quote, I called the customer. I explained enough for them to understand that the QuoteValet portion would not have things separate, but when the click to view the full proposal it would be what they wanted.

They were fine with that, but long term I still need these answered. But yes, my problem is with both templates.

Could you use Summary Lines in place of SubTotal?

Summary lines can add up the prices of certain types of line, like there being a '1' in CustomText10

So for Material Total formula on the PDF Layout, you probably want something like


.if.first(DocumentItems->CustomText15, 1) = "1".or.first(DocumentItems->CustomText16, 1) = "1".or.first(DocumentItems->CustomText18, 1) = "1".or.first(DocumentItems->CustomText19, 1) = "1".then.DocumentItems->ExtendedPrice


Summarization Type "Total" and something similar for Labor.

The way I'd approach the QuoteValet Template would be to use a VBS script to summarise the values into a couple of spare Document Header fields and then use these Document Header fields in the Template HTML. Hope this helps. If VBS and HTML are not things that you have experience with, then by all means contact me - - and I'll be happy to provide services to help you get the results that you're after.


That's how I have it broken down within the quote and reflects in the body of the quote.

How can I get that to show at the bottom instead of totals.

I could do a teams meet with you, if you have time and wouldn't mind. Maybe showing would help.

Sure, ping me an email and I'll send a screensharing link.

email sent, thanks

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