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Customer comment field on QuoteValet view

Is it possible to add fields in Templates or attached Word docs so that customers can enter text in the online view? 

I have a couple contracts that were previously created/updated in Word and then presented to the customer in printed format so that they could review and sign. They have a couple sections where the customer would need to write in the physical address that the services in the contract would be applicable.

Ie. a customer has 5 locations across the country and wants a Datto backup at location B to start out. A few months down the line, they want another contract to put in a Datto at location E. Each time they would be presented with a hardcopy contract where they'd write in the physical address of said locations, as well as the name/contact info of Authorized Contacts, then sign it. 

(Accounting needs all invoices going to a single Client entry in our CRM, so the only address available when selecting customer info for the quote is the Head Office.)

I'm wanting to update things so that I can present these online via QuoteValet, but I can't figure out how to insert fields to allow for the customer to provide the info before digitally signing.

Is this possible, or should I be looking at other options like providing a form after signature to gather that info?

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I've helped a number of users customise their QuoteValet form to include many more fields in the acceptance section. Information such as billing contact/address details, tax numbers, etc. There's no limit, the I've come across at least.

This has usually been as an additional template so you might have:

  • Standard Quote
  • Standard Quote w/1 location
  • Standard Quote w/2 locations, etc.

This keeps everything totally in QuoteWerks and is easy for the client and ensures you get all the information in one go.

Another one of my clients has such variance in the responses they want, it was sometimes tricky to get into 'standard' templates. In those cases, I advised that they create a custom Microsoft Form (often included as part of MS 365 subscriptions). The user would create the form with all the data needed to be captured and then copy the URL for that form into a custom field in QuoteWerks and then that URL is presented for the client to complete via the QuoteValet page.

This proved, in the real-world to be far superior than presenting things for clients to physically complete:

  • The quote acceptance and form were completed within minutes of each other
  • No faff of printing/signing/returning at the client end
  • You appear to be far more tech-savvy
  • The data is easily copied from one app to another 
  • The data is always legible(!)
  • etc.

Hope that gives some food for thought!

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