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Layout not reflecting info or placing

 I've recently gotten back in to trying to set this up and I'm trying to modify the included template in order to better learn how it works.  The problem I'm having is that Ive deleted a lot of the columns and readjusted the header columns accordingly and those work fine, but even after readjusting the fields in the details section (moving the Manufacturer Part Number all the way to the right), and adding a Custom Text field above the Description. 


But, when I do a preview, it adjusts the Page Header data but doesn't move the Manufacturer Part Number (Seen below beginning "TEST-")to the specified location or add the Custom Text above the Description.


Is there something I'm missing here? 

Quite tricky to answer questions like this in a forum.

Do you have multiple detail sections and it's actually previewing correctly, but not using the detail section you expect?

If you share the document with me, I'll figure out what's up.

Well, you were right on the money on which section it was using.  I moved the Manufacturers Part Number over and it is now displaying in the correct location.  The one issue I'm still having is with Custom Text. 

In the product information, I went to the "Custom" Tab and added information into the CustomText01 field and saved it.  Then, in the layout, I am going to Insert>Data Field and in the pop-up, I am selecting Table>DocumentItems and Fields>CustomText01 and then Selecting OK.  I am adding that line directly above the Description which has been moved down a line to allow space for the Custom Text. 

When I preview, the Manufacturer Part Number is in the correct place, the Description is in the right place, but the CustomText01 doesn't display. 

Again, difficult to troubleshoot via a forum. Are absolutely certain we're documentitems as opposed to DocumentHeaders? Definitely in the right detail section. I often enter a label with a number of the detail section into each section. This ensure I know which detail section I should be looking at when I see the relevant number on the preview.

OK, let me show you what I'm seeing.  First, here is the Product Info:



As you can see, I've got "MyCustomTextInfo" written into the CustomText01 Field.

Next, I've placed sequential letters into each "section" with the section I'm focused on being labeled "B."  I've also got the CustomText01 box in there:



If I click on the CustomText01 box, the bottom of the screen displays this, indicating that it is indeed set to Document Item and set to pull the contents of the CustomText01 Field.


However, when I preview, the "B" is there but the CusomText01 Field does not populate. 


I'll talk to the boss and see if he can be OK with the concept of me posting the file in a public location.  Either way, your help, as always, is invaluable.

At first glance, that does look puzzling.

If you were able to ping me the layout file (directly email me if that's easier), I'm sure I'd spot it in seconds.

Hi Andrew,  In the document you are trying to preview, is the CustomText01 field filled out?  If the value was added to the product database after the item was already added to your quote, it doesn't auto-update.  You either have to refresh the item details or re-pull the item in.

It is.  In fact, I had closed Quotewerks and reopened it to set up for the screen captures.  I opened the program, went to edit the item, verified that the text field was filled in, then added it to a quote, and then opened the layout, grabbed the screencaps there, then previewed.  So the text is certainly there.  I've even tried filling in multiple fields and swapping it from looking at CustomText01 to something like CustomMemo01 or CustomText05.  In all cases, it failed to populate.  Is there a setting elsewhere I might be missing?  A box I need to check in a setting or something?

If you right-click on the field in the layout designer and choose format, there is an 'invisible' checkbox - but that'd be something you'd be unlikely to have clicked accidentally; certainly worth a sanity check.

If you click on the field to highlight it, then go to the format menu option (up at the top), do you have a tick next to 'conditional font'?

I checked the formatting and invisible is NOT selected though the sanity check is never a bad idea as it's something I often have to go through with clients who are troubleshooting.

If I click on the field then go to the format menu up top, then click on Conditional Font, it brings up a box that reads:

"Select Font Expression for the Item"

then a box which is unchecked

then the two options which are:



If you're not seeing the tick on conditional font, with the CustomText01 field selected then that means no funny formatting (like white colour text) is being applied.

I'm afraid without seeing the layout in question I'm stumped

OK, here's something interesting.  I added "CustomText01" to display in the Document Items and that field isn't being populated based on what is listed in the Product Information.  However, if I manually fill in that CustomText01 box on the quote itself, it DOES populate in the preview.  So it appears that although the item has information in the CustomText01 box, that information isn't making it to the quote itself.

Is there some reason that CustomText01 field in the quote wouldn't populate when the Part #, Qty, Description, Unit Price, Qty. Total, and Ext. Price would?

Tools > Options > Field Links


And that did it.  I know how frustrating it can be troubleshooting when the person you are trying to help shares the bare minimum so I deeply appreciate the time, dedication, and expertise.  Expect to see me again soon as I am bound to have more questions moving forward.

Thank you, Matt.  You are fantastic. 

You did the leg work! I (and Cat), maybe, pointed you in the right direction.

I've never known that box be unticked, so didn't come to mind initially!

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