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Layout auto selected based on item?

Is there a built-way of selecting print layouts based on an item?


So if I have 'Item A' as one of the Line Items on my quote, then the Delivery window would automatically select 'Layout B' on the Layouts tab of the Deliver window?

Thanks and yes.  And more specifically these are on the secondary layouts tab if that makes a diff.



Hi Jeremy, 

There's no native QW way to get an fpc layout to auto-attach based on a product. If the content of the layout was something that could be re-created using the Word integration then you could do it that way via the Spec Sheet feature (re-create your layout in Word, set the Word doc as the spec sheet for the product and then QW will pick that and merge the data into it on the fly). 

Alternatively, if it has to be fpc layouts that get attached, then our Workflow addon will enable you to do exactly what your original question wanted - please feel free to reach out to if this sounds interesting?

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