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Conditional formatting woes

Is conditional formatting limited only to line types?

I'm trying to utilize formulas to hide irrelevent information, i.e. if there are no taxes, display grand total, if there are, display taxes,

the line directly under it is set up if there are taxes, show grand total, if no taxes, print blank


I want grand total to be bold at all times. So if there are no taxes, i conditionally want taxortotallabel and the value next to it to be bold, if not to not be bold.

I tried to use: .if.calc->formattedtaxrate=0.then."BoldFont".else.""

This has mixed results, some objects simply don't appear at all.

Here is an example of a document with taxes involved


Grand total is bold, ohio tax rate with percent and the cost show as intended.

If I remove the taxes, (removing hte conditional font), it shows like this:


as expected, it replaces the tax line with grand total, but not in bold because theres nothing telling to to do so.

so now if i add a boldfont on the condition i want the text to appear.... it does this:


Poof, the text vanishes.

So I have tried a few varieties of making it work.

There was an old field that was used to come up with the tax percentage value as an independent object, i moved this off screen and use it in a text joined line to make a nice sentence. i've tried using that formula:


i've also tried specifying "regularfont"


I've also tried to simplify it by removing the formula reference



None of these work.

It's interesting to point out that the formula is doing SOMETHING. If i reverse the logic on it, the text disappears in the other circumstance. So I don't think that the type of line i am trying to modifiy is the problem...


Not quite following here...

You have some data that you want to show in FONTA = IF CriteriaX is met

You have some data that you want to show in FONTB = IF CriteriaX is not met

Are you aware you can only apply one conditional font to a field/label/formula at a time.

I often find it MUCH simpler to create multiple sections, each having the appropriate change(s) and then filter the section for the appropriate characteristic.

For example:

ReportFooter1 is used IF CriteriaX is met

ReportFooter2 is used IF CriteriaX is NOT met

Let me try to clarify.

I have two rows I am working on, 

Row one is formulated to either display the grand total w/ value or the taxes w/ value.

If the row is displaying taxes, i want it to be regular font

If the row is displaying grand total, i want it to be bold.

Row two is formulated to either be blank or be the grand total, based on if there were taxes.

If there were taxes, it prints the grand total w/ value

if there were no taxes, it prints blank.

Row two is just set for bold all the time, because it either prints the grand total in bold or is empty.

So if I have taxes, i want the taxes to print normal font on first line and grand total on the second

If i don't have taxes, I want the grand total in bold on the first line and nothing on the second.

Everything works, except for the bolding of the grand total on line one if there is no taxes. If I don't use the conditional font, the total prints where it should, but when attempting to add the conditional font, it prints nothing at all.

So I have tried various methods of accomplishing, specifying whether it should be bold or regular, and i have also tried to keep it simpler to say if it should be bold and not specify the other state.

I did have another idea to make it work, which would be to remake the formulas and stack them, so if one scenario is happening it would print the value and in the other it would print "", and then just bold the contents, so either one would print or the other. This would do the same thing, except be more difficult to maintain because there would be formulas stacked on top of each other.

I think you would appreciate the logical tweaks i am doing on mine now in other regards too

Terms formula  

.if.documentheaders->terms="TBD".then."The terms of sale are undefined".else.(.if.documentheaders->terms="".then."The terms of sale are undefined".else."The terms of sale are "+documentheaders->terms)

Shipping label formula - 

.if.(documentheaders->shippingamount)=0.then."".else.(.if.documentheaders->shiptopostalcode<>"".then."Estimated Shipping & Handling to "+(documentheaders->shiptopostalcode)+":".else."Estimated Shipping & Handling:")

Tax or total formula - 

.if.calc->formattedtaxrate=0.then."Grand Total:".else."Ohio Sales Tax Rate of "+text(documentheaders->localtaxrate*100)+text("%:")

Comments formula, combined with variable number of lines

.if.documentheaders->introductionnotes="".then."Please review the following proposal. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us! ".else.documentheaders->introductionnotes

you said

I often find it MUCH simpler to create multiple sections, each having the appropriate change(s) and then filter the section for the appropriate characteristic.

For example:

ReportFooter1 is used IF CriteriaX is met

ReportFooter2 is used IF CriteriaX is NOT met

I didn't realize that was an option.

That makes sense. I will investigate this.

Seems my comment responding to your secondary comment never appeared. I didn't realize that making different report footers and filtering them was an option. Sounds like a useful approach

So it seems with the variable footers the alignment doesnt really take right.

I have set up a report footer on its own which is just a separator line which I wanted to show right at the bottom of the doc items, then I originally had a second report footer with bottom align

I have now changed it to be a three footers for now, the separater line and then the two different footers based on if taxes are involved

These are both set with filters, and work fine, but bottom align isn't being honored.

One scenario it puts it right next to the first footer and the other scenario sticks it in the middle

No taxes:


With taxes:


yet both sections have bottom align, and i also tried various remove space before and after configurations as well.

also these buttons are crooked lol


I guess I can try to delete the separater

Ah for the record the separater has nothing to do with it.

I'm afraid this is a lot to take in and the layout of the QW forum makes it incredibly tricky to digest what's going on. 

I'm not even going to try and provide a response via the forum - it's just too hard for you to convey what I need to see (in a way I can digest) and for me then to reply to that. (Although I appreciate the effort you've gone to)

If you want a screenshare, let me know.

I have created my own solution so no worries.

Bold font:

.if.calc->formattedtaxrate=0.then."Grand Total: ".else.""

Unbold font:

.if.calc->formattedtaxrate>0.then."Ohio Sales Tax Rate of "+text(documentheaders->localtaxrate*100)+text("%:").else.""

Stack them on top of each other


then under it, i have bond font:

.if.calc->formattedtaxrate>0.then."Grand Total: ".else.""

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