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More specific layout editor concerns

The more I use the layout editor, the more problems I find. 

I have managed to negotiate my way around alot of them, but it isn't particularly ideal.

There is one particular issue that is really screwing me up that I really think should be addressed.

There is a lot of maneuvering that went into making this layout work the way I wanted. It's a relatively simple layout that went thru a lot of trial and error.

It consists of:

Report Header 1 - This has the document headers information in it. It is about 1/3 of the first page.

Page header 1 - This has the little banner graphics that are also in report header 1, but not the ship to sold to terms and what not. It does not print on page 1 with a formula.

Document items 1 - nothing special here.

Report Footer 1 - Sub total, notes etc.

Report Footer 2 - Designed to be the entire terms and conditions page, using the same graphics on the header and footer. I wanted to build this into it so sales would be forced to send it.

What happens is, if there is more than one report footer, report footer 1 no longer honors "bottom align".

I previously had a couple of report footers, to stick a separator right under the document items, then one that was bottom aligned with subtotal section. This didn't work for the same reason this doesnt.

I have come to learn that the layout editor is not really something aspire intends to change around much / has the power to change around... so i even went so far as to contact the company that made the editor they use to see if I could use their software directly (I was willing to buy it even). Unfortunately, that is not feasible either.

They said that QW would either need to address the problems or they simply are not going to be solved.

Please do some fixing on the layout editor. They have plenty of bug fixes and features implemented that do not exist in QW.

I have attached my layout as it exists now. Unfortunately, the font is not going to come out on your end unless you have aileron font. 

I have also attached a heavily censored quote that I stripped pricing and actual customer information from for reference.

If Aspire has interest, I would be more than happy to generate a formal, edited formatted list of outstanding problems I have encountered. I can also make it in video form.

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