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Wrap Text + variable lines = skewed contents

When enabling variable lines, the contents of the box, whether it be a formula or a field, drops the font down.

Not all types of fields allow for "variable lines" to compensate for it, either.

Here is a description with "variable lines"



It shifts the contents down a few pixels, so the data does not line up.

Turning it off puts it back where it should be.



So this is making it more difficult than it needs to be to align the contents properly.

It doesn't matter how the text alignment is configured, either.

The result is that spacing between lines is not able to be consistent across the page.


So, if I manually shift the line up a few pixels to compensate, you can make the text level, but the spacing doesn't get corrected.


Compare that with the line being truncated with variable lines turned off.


Spaces are consistent across the page in this case.

Random 30 second check.... is the alignment set to Top and Left on the field(s) here?

Does that make a beneficial difference?

It does look like its "alot closer" if everything is top aligned. But the spacing still skews.

Maybe I'll live with that instead of offsetting the whole line.

Maybe thats it, the variable lines dont respect the height alignment.

I think that will have to do, thanks

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