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Do these functions work?

I am experimenting with some features on the layout editor.

I cannot seem to get formula functions to work. There are probably others, but these are not working for me right now:



I even dug out the documentation and used the example provided for addline provided here

QuoteWerks Help

ADDLINE(DocumentHeaders->SoldToAddress1)+ ADDLINE(DocumentHeaders->SoldToAddress2)+ ADDLINE(DocumentHeaders->SoldToAddress3)

I was working on a formula that was more complicated, which did work, involving some boolean if logic. while this worked, i ended up abandoning the idea due to it skewing the lines next to it. i.e. if soldtocontact was present and shiptocontact wasnt, the ship to was skewed down anyhow. 

I thought I would try this method instead to see if I could have success, but despite having words present, they are not printing anything at all... at least, so I thought.


Also have tried to do the variable lines etc, doesnt seem to do anything.


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