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Grouped Bundles in Sales Order

We use bundles heavily so almost all the products in a quote are members of a Grouped Bundle. The recipients of the Sales Order Report wishes there was an easy way to identify what items are in which bundle. We were able to use the field 'LineAttributeGroupMember' to notate when an item is in a bundle but we do not have a way to notate which bundles go together. Ideally we would have access to the description on the GroupHeader (Description in LineType 8) but there are other options I tried that did not work that could possibly.

1) I was hoping there was a group ID that could be used like 'LineNumber', but there is not.

2) Along those lines, I know that Groups have their own LineNumber and I was hoping that I could display the line number for each of the items in the group and that they would all be the same. However, the LineNumber appears to only be associated with the GroupHeader itself. 

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Not sure what your Sales Order Report might look like, but to address what you'd like to have: if you have QuoteWerks Corporate, then you could write a script to populate the Group Member Line Items with the Line Number and/or Description and/or other values from the Group Header Line Item.

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