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Font changes on print out/preview

The font randomly changes when printing quotes and invoices.

The Data Field font is the same on all templates Verdana/Regular/9 and Verdana/Bold/9 for headers. When we print sometimes the font shows italic and not bolded. This will show on both the preview and actual print out. Please see attachments for examples. Capture 2 is correct and Capture 1 is how it sometimes prints out. Any help is greatly appreciated. I need to get our layouts to print consistently.

Capture 2.JPG
(22.6 KB)
Capture 1.JPG
(19.9 KB)

Can you upload your layout for us to look at?

Not sure, it does not seem to want to upload the FPC file from QW.


Well, maybe I was a bit impatient.

It'll print italic if the first line item is a 'Comment' line.
If the first line is not a comment line, it won't.

This is due to some of the fields at the top having 'Format' -> 'Conditional' font enabled.

Hope that helps!

The layouts are very clearly out of the box templates with only very minor branding changes.
One question I often ask is:
"If I were to take off your logo, could it be identified as a 'YourCompany' document?"

I don't think I could, in your case.

How do I change or disable the conditional font so that it does not print italic on those top fields?

Click each field.
Click format.

Uncheck Conditional Format.


I don't have that option, see attachment.

(30.9 KB)


Once you've clicked 3, uncheck the checkbox in the little window that pops up.

You'll need to repeat that for all of the affected fields.

Ah, the Format option from the tool bar!!! Yes, that works. I cant begin to tell you how wonderful this is. Thank you for taking the time to explain this to me. I really appreciate your help.

My pleasure, I had a suspicion it might have been this conditional formatting - it's gets its paws on things from time to time and can drive people bonkers. I've designed hundreds of QuoteWerks layouts over the years, these things are sort of second nature when you're working with (or fighting against!) the layout designer.

"working with (or fighting against!) the layout designer" - ha, ha... ain't that the truth!!!

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