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Can I force text to stick to a certain location in the report?

I would like for the (Optional - Select) message to display directly under the price. Is there a way this request can be accomplished?  



Hi Roberto ~

The layout I've attached here has an example where detail sections for Optional items are separated out.  Alternately, you can do a formula under the price such as: 

.if.documentitems->&lineattributeoption.then."(OPTIONAL)".else.(.if.documentitems->&lineattributeselectedoption.then."(Optional - SELECTED)".else."")


As Cat says.

Alternatively, from your screenshot it appears that the description is 'pushing down' the optional text.

In this case, simply extend the description field below the optional text formula, that should keep the optional text in the right place.

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That too - as long as the description box is taller than where the Optional box top starts, even by just a little, it will prevent it from being pushed to the bottom of the row. 

Thank you, it worked great!

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