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Where are ALL of my pictures?

I was 3/4 of the way completed with my word quote conversion to a Quotewerks layout and all of a sudden while editing a text field and without any warning, all of the picture/images are gone, ALL of them, not a single image is left on the entire layout, Header 1, 2 and 3 just went "puff" and disappeared. Tried Save and P because I noticed sometimes the Layout Editor fails to display some of the element that will display correctly in the preview but, nothing!!  I closed Quotewerks and restarted it, nothing! Absolutely nothing!! Am I going to have to start all over again? This is so demoralizing, 2 days of work just gone in a second, maybe I should have stayed with Word Merge.

Unfortunately, saving has lost your work.

Whenever this happens, best course is to not save.


If you click where an image was, you'll see the borders of it and sometimes adding the image again will make it reappear. However, this doesn't always work.

Layouts are much better than word merge (in my opinion). Much more flexible.

No backup or clones of the layout?

Since Quotewerks tends to crash on me when I least expected I am so spooked that I am used to clicking on save button every time I make a change no matter how small it is. When I started working with the layout designer, well, it was not the exception and it crashed on me several times. I was expecting to lose some of my work but not ALL of it and without even crashing. I agree with you that layouts are much better and more flexible than word merge but not when you can lose 2 days of work in just a few seconds with a click of a button.

I need time to get over how angry I am right now about all the time I spent on this project; wasted time basically for nothing. What I do not understand is that after reading what you just posted, I dare to guess this is not new. On the quotes side, Quotewerks recognized the constant crashing issues and they implemented the autosave, I think they need to include something similar in layout designer, maybe an auto revision save, but something to counteract this problem!! 

By the way, all the pictures are actually still there but they are blank, I guess first I am going to have to delete all the blank pictures before I insert them and format them all over again.  

Do you want to send the layout and image files to me? I'll see what I can do (if anything) QuoteWerks doesn't just crash, it's almost always something in the environment that causes it and can often be explained (particularly with the frequency you seem to be experiencing). But I totally agree it can be frustrating.

It doesn't happen very often it is just that when it happens it always seems to happen at the worst time when I have a lot of time and work invested in a particular project, even though this was not technically a crash, today is another perfect example. 

I appreciate the offer but don't worry about the layout, I will get back to it sometime in the near future,  right now I lost my inspiration and my will to continue spending time on it particularly when I was about to get to the exciting part which is the actual setup of the data fields and the formulas. Re-building it should not be that difficult because I created a letter size jpg image that I am inserting in the sections as a background with much of the decorating elements and logo incorporated into it. The rest are smaller images that are sprinkled around a couple of header sections next to some label fields.

Perhaps one thing to be aware of to mitigate against Layout Designer crashes and anomalous behaviour is de-selecting multiple items on the Layout before adding another item.

Scenario: I have selected a number of items on the Layout (usually to align them). I then click a menu option to add a field or formula... QuoteWerks will very often crash. If after selecting and aligning my items I click a blank area on the report so that the items are no longer selected and add the field or formula, then QuoteWerks seems to behave itself.

Hope this helps,

IHilltops, some time ago I stopped paying attention to what I am doing when QuoteWerks crashed, my solution has alwyas been to simply save my work after a change but particularly when I am about to preview, upload to QuoteWers, use etilize or do a Save & P. With my layout, I simply increased the font size from 12 to 14 of a text that was between two images on my Page Header 3 and that did the trick, unfortunately, my instinctive reaction to save was what killed my layout.

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