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Totaling Qty in quote/report

In my quotes, all of my Labor is assigned to an item type of labor.  Is there a way to print Total Labor (qty, not cost or price) on my report.

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No formulae, just a report.

Copy those to your QuoteWerks\Reports folder and run the report (called Steve Miller) with a document open.

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I don't have the corporate edition so I don't think I can do scripting.  Could you send me the formulas you used - perhaps I can set something up to do the calculations in a report and move the materials total to the invoice manually. Thanks for your help.

I did this in a report, that's the only (easy) way to do this. If you need to show it on a regular layout, we could do all the calculations in a script and put that in a custom field you can use to show on your layout.

Yes - the quantities are totaled correctly.  I would like to add the extended prices of these totaled items into a "material" subtotal in the footer of an invoice.  Could you send me the formulas you used?

Using your example, does the attached PDF show correctly?


 Here u go - thanks

Can you share/send me some examples?

Thanks - but it did not work the way I expected.  The real goal is to do a "materials only" invoice.  I assume itemtype="product" is the best differentiation.  Can't get it to total properly with grouped bundles in the quote. 

Try using QTYTotal instead of QTYBase

 This formula does not provide accurate data if a grouped bundle is present in the quote.  Is there are way to make this work?

This approach does not seem to work properly when grouped bundles are in the quote.  Is there a way to make this work?

I am new to Quotewerks can you walk me though how to do this?

That worked great…

I di not realize you could total a formula like that

Yes, we'd need a couple of formulae to achieve this.

Something like the below.

.if.documentitems->itemtype="Labor".then.documentitems->qtybase (put this in a detail section)

Then copy that formula to a report footer section, double-click on it and set the summarization type to 'total'.

Happy to do this via n online session for you, if you wish

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