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Omit lines from layout where QTY=0

Can someone give me the filter to omit lines from printing where quantity of that line = 0?

Thank you, 




Thank you for the quick response. 

Is there a way to modify this so the heading line types still show?

Also it seems like the spaces for the hidden lines still appear on the report. Is there a way to close the gaps? 

Again I really appreciate the help. 


Most of my layouts have multiple detail sections, so the relevant lines only display in one of the 'X' sections I have.

If you set this to something like:


That should get you closer.

It's difficult to know how to close the gaps as everyone's layouts are different. One of those things that a 2 minute online session will tell me what I need to know.

Ping me an email and we can have a support session?

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