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Quote Layout Causing QW Crash

I've created a custom layout but unfortunately every time I try to preview it Quotewerks crashes on me.  "Processing Layout Form" is the last thing I see before the usual Windows "Quotewerks has stopped working" dialog box pops up.  Once I reboot QW there's nothing in the logs that give me any clues as to what's wrong with the template.  I'd rather not restart this template all over again or "step through" one change at a time to figure out what actually breaks it.

Is there any way to troubleshoot this issue?


Are you able to preview with the sample layouts? 

Have you reached out to technical support ( or 407-248-1481)? If not, this would be my recommended next step.

First check on this is, as Brian says, to test a default/sample layout.

If that also doesn't work, it's not a problem with the layout.

Check your machine has a default printer set. This is a common issue.

I tested a couple different layouts and they worked fine.  It's just this new one that I'm working on that's giving me trouble.  I guess QW support is next.  Thanks anyway.  If I get an answer back I'll try to remember to post here for future users to find.

Quotewerks support was unable to help.  They gave it the good ole college try but in the end threw their hands up and recommended I start my template all over again (testing along the way to see what breaks it).  This is a pretty weak feature with no troubleshooting.

If you still have the layout, I'm happy to take a look.

I have been having this same issue, the layout works on one computer and I can copy it to another computer and try to preview the quote,  QuoteWerks crashes. It also crashes when I try to edit the layout.

As above, happy to take a look.

Thanks Matt,

 I just got off of a support call with QW and the problem was that the computer where the quote layout was created had a default printer that did not exist on the computer where the quote layout was being used. I changed the default printer on the computer where the layouts are created to "Microsoft XPS Document Writer". That printer is common on all of our computers and now that print layout works correctly. 

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