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Print Label if Data field contains data

I am trying to create bullet points in a print layout.

I'm using a label with '>' as the bullet then followed by a data field (a custom text field). 

This works fine if you have a defined number of 'bullets'

However, i have some products that have 3 bullets, but some with 5... what i'd like to do is dynamically print the bullets ONLY if the corresponding custom text field contains data.

I could use Addline() for the data fields but can i concatenate ">" as a bullet within the addline function?


"Key Features"+



Obviously the above doesn't work, as it sees ">" as an operator... is there a way to escape this?

Sometimes it doesn't look right in the description*, but does display correctly on the layout.

*You sometimes see what looks a bit like this: "|"

Did you try previewing the layout?

I just tried copying from here and it worked nicely:

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Hi Hank...

I ended up just embedding the bullet in to the customtext fields that i'm using.

I think use Addline() to print the fields (so that it will miss out any that contain no data) and on top of that i use IF statements to only show the detail section if one or more of the customtext fields contains data. If none contain data the section doesn't print :)

I am confused. How did you embed the bullet into the CustomerMemo field? I have been trying to cut and copy a bullet from word and past it into the Memo field, but it does not work.

Could you not just put the bullet as part of the text in the field?

Also, you can't use addline in the way that you're intending - if indeed the Features are all stored in CustomText10.

In my case, I use a CustomMemo field, which allows line breaks and the bullets are already in that field when added to the quote.

Thanks for the reply Matt - not 100% on what you mean by not using Addline the way i'm intending. Presumably you mean inserting a string in to the middle of it? If that's the case then i know i can't... but it was the best way i could highlight what i was trying to do.

Anyways, you've brought up a very valid point in that i could just add the bullet to the CustomText field itself... which i completely overlooked... i guess sometimes we just get too deep in to something to see the most obvious answer :)

Ah, yes.. it was indeed a very good way of highlighting the intended output!

I'm often guilty of trying to do something clever, and often there's a much more simply answer! :)

Barry - Have you considered using some intricate if...then statements to test for an empty field (test for "" - double double quotes).  If there is a value, then output the ">" along with the text afterward?

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