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Print Layout Filter based on User or Groups

We have several Divisions within our company.  We would like to get more users utilizing QuoteWerks, but it needs to be simplified for the users.


I have created separate quote Layouts with different Letterheads for each division.  I have also setup the users so they can only see quotes within their department.


The problem I have now is that I have 15 different Layouts to sort through

(I don’t want users to use the wrong quote layout) which is why I would like to limit the available layout that only pertain to them or their group.

(To keep it simple.)

Brad Silven | CAI Software, LLC


Yes, this should be achievable.

I once got a client from 36 different layouts (ouch!) down to 3, using some clever filtering and dialog fields (prompts).

It sounds like you need to have multiple Report Headers, relating to each division.

You can then use a filter for each section along the lines of;


It will then only show that report header for those users.

Unfortunately, we can't have multiple Page Headers or Page Footers, so we might need a few complex formulae in there to ensure the correct data is displayed.



Thank you for the reply and it sounds like a logical workaround, but how do you handle a users that quote for multiple divisions?


Your method would limit them to one heading only. Correct?




Brad Silven | CAI Software, LLC 


My original method would, yes.

Unless, you 'tagged' the quote somehow to the division.





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