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DONE-Print Layout Filter based on User or Groups

We have several Divisions within our company.  We would like to get more users utilizing QuoteWerks, but it needs to be simplified for the users.


I have created separate quote Layouts with different Letterheads for each division.  I have also setup the users so they can only see quotes within their department.


The problem I have now is that I have 15 different Layouts to sort through 

(I don’t want users to use the wrong quote layout) which is why I would like to limit the available layout that only pertain to them or their group.

(To keep it simple.)

Brad Silven | CAI Software, LLC


Yes, this should be achievable.

I once got a client from 36 different layouts (ouch!) down to 3, using some clever filtering and dialog fields (prompts).

It sounds like you need to have multiple Report Headers, relating to each division.

You can then use a filter for each section along the lines of;


It will then only show that report header for those users.

Unfortunately, we can't have multiple Page Headers or Page Footers, so we might need a few complex formulae in there to ensure the correct data is displayed.



Thank you for the reply and it sounds like a logical workaround, but how do you handle a users that quote for multiple divisions?


Your method would limit them to one heading only. Correct?




Brad Silven | CAI Software, LLC 


My original method would, yes.

Unless, you 'tagged' the quote somehow to the division.





Hi All,

It took a long time, but we finally have this capability for you :)

This new feature is in the upcoming v5.6 build 1.00 due around November 15, 2020.

-New: Added new "Enable individual Resource security" option on the Security tab of Tools->Options. When this option is set, you can specify which users can view and modify individual print layouts, and literature. To set these File Access Rights, right click on a Print Layout or Literature file and choose "Set Access Rights...". You will be able to set these File Access Rights if you are a user with Master Rights or if you have the new Misc Access right of "NonMasterRightsUser_CanAdministerDeliverables". When this "Enable individual Resource security" option is activated, no users will be able to see any Print Layouts or Literature files. To see these files and assign Access Rights, you will need to be a user with Master Rights (or have the Misc Access right of "NonMasterRightsUser_CanAdministerDeliverables"), and you will need to check the "[] Administration Mode" checkbox on the Print window. This will show all the Print Layouts and Literature files. In this mode, any files that do not have any Access Rights set for them will be displayed in red (meaning they will not be visible by any users). For Files that do have Access rights set for them, you will see an indicator prefix like [ 02 ] in front of the name of the Print Layout or Literature file. This will indicate how many different users or groups have access to see this Print Layout or Literature file.

Now, this is handy!

Being the awkward user here(!), and trying not to detract from how useful the above is(!), any way of implementing this for QV customer facing templates, too?

Hi Matt,

Anything is possible! Anytime we come up with a whole new category of features, our astute users see all the other ways it can be used! That is a great idea. We are going to release this and fine tune it before expanding to other resources. QV customer facing templates is a good idea. We had already though of applying it to the Reports and also to Bundles and Configurations.

Thanks John,

I'm one of the worst (best?!) at seeing a new feature and immediately moving on to further uses for similar functionality.

A few of my clients have the following sort of mindset:

"Ah, yeah, that feature we asked for is implemented now - that's good.. but we can't possibly use it until X/Y/Z are added, too (which we've never asked for or even thought of until now!)"



Do these user-based security features also apply to Management Reports?


I have finally found the time to start implementing this and I wanted to know what output is included.   (right now, I have removed the reports button from most users but I need to have the ability to allow them 1 or 2 reports which is not possible. )




Brad Silven | CAI Software, LLC 

Hi Brad,

No, not yet at least.

It is possible to achieve this, in a round about sort of way though.

Leave the Management Reports menu option disabled for the relevant user(s).

Tools > Customize Menus

Create a new menu with an option of something like:

"&SYS_InstallPath/qw.exe" /r:"report01.rcf"

Replacing "report01" with the filename of your report.

Well I think it is great that we can set security on layouts. I have a slightly different challenge but along the same concept.

I would much rather have a tree where I can have a folder if infrequently used layouts. I also want layouts to only show on Additional.

Is there a way to do this?  I know I can do this with my literature just by creating folders. Seams to me that is the way to go.

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I have a couple of example report Layouts based on User-specific or password security. They use Filters similar to the idea Matt posted in the first reply above. Email if you'd find them useful and I'll send you copies.

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